Grow Your Existing Business

Convert Your Existing Business into a Pacific Lawn Sprinkler Franchise

We’ve been there, and we know what it’s like! We understand the daily struggle of working in the field during the day and then also trying to juggle customer calls, billing, and marketing to acquire new clients. You may feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle because the work is never-ending. This leads to a lot of late nights and a loss of revenue! How is it possible to do it all? The truth is, if you want to grow a successful and profitable business, you cannot do it alone. This is why we have created the “Pacific System”. One of the biggest reasons business owners turn to Pacific is because we offer SUPPORT in all of the areas that eat up your time! Our proven system will allow you to perform the part of the job you like best- meeting clients, developing relationships, providing solutions, and utilizing your irrigation skills in the field. We provide solutions for existing irrigation companies looking to expand by providing a dedicated 24/7 call center, bookkeepers, marketing specialists, and a sales department to handle the back end tasks that are vital to a successful business. With our proprietary CRM platform and interactive field devices, we are able to deliver a seamless client experience, minimizing paperwork and human error. Joining forces and combining your skills and talents with the proven “Pacific System” will take your existing business to the next level!

Take Your Business to the Next Level

At Pacific, we understand the gratification and sense of pride that comes along with owning a business. It feels good to help clients at their home or place of business and provide a service or installation for them that increases their quality of life. However, building, supervising, and maintaining a profitable business can be very hard to manage. In fact, according to The Small Business Association (SBA), 30% of new businesses fail during the first two years and 50% fail during the first five years. We believe this is because it is nearly impossible to maintain your current clients and at the same time constantly try to acquire new clients, all while delivering quality, consistent, and reliable customer service. In order to grow your business and for it to be profitable, you must gain new clients. However, if you focus too much on gaining new clients and your level of customer service decreases, you will lose your current client base. We understand, finding the answer to this complex equation is NOT easy! This is why we have created the “Pacific System”. Allow our team of professionals to use our collective knowledge, resources, and tools to grow your business to its full potential.

  • Team of professionals that can help handle the workload you cannot handle by yourself
  • Continuously gain new clients
  • Keep existing clients happy by providing our exclusive “On Time or On Us” customer service
  • Offer customer promotions and loyalty programs

The Advantages of a Pacific Lawn Sprinklers Franchise

Brand Name Power

Pacific Lawn Sprinklers LogoOne of the great advantages of becoming a Pacific Lawn Sprinklers Franchisee is becoming part of the Pacific Brand. Over the years, our brand has evolved into a powerful, respected, recognizable, and well-trusted entity. Our name is tantamount with outstanding customer service, which makes us stand out among the rest. For new companies starting out, or companies who have struggled with gaining new customers, it can be difficult to "get your name out there". Competition can be fierce and marketing can be extremely expensive! There is always another company who is willing to undercut your price and steal your sale. However, acquiring new customers has always come natural to Pacific because of the dependable brand we stand behind. In fact, customer referrals have been one of the biggest sources of our growth. When clients see our yellow trucks, they immediately recognize the reliability and the excellent customer service we stand for.

  • Immediately become part of the reputable and respected Pacific brand
  • No need to "get your name out there" – we already did the work for you!
  • Instant advantages over your competition!

Diversify Your Business and Earn Recurring Revenue

As you know, a steady source of revenue is key to growing a business. Guaranteed Annual recurring revenue is what makes Pacific different from any other franchise out there. With a Pacific Lawn Sprinklers Franchise you can offer annual services that must be performed every year either due to climate changes with the seasons, landscape changes, yard alterations, pool installations, etc. Lawn sprinkler systems need to be maintained no matter where they exist throughout the country. Repairs, renovations, spring startups, inspections (wet checks), winterizations, and backflow testing must be performed annually. These services are performed by renewable annual maintenance agreements with clients. Along with that would be annual landscape lighting system inspections and maintenance, and annual holiday lighting agreements. Diversifying your business and having this form of continued annual services makes the Pacific Lawn Sprinklers Franchise virtually recession proof and ensures a continued revenue stream, no matter what economic or environmental issues are occurring in the world.

  • Build recurring revenue through annual services
  • Renewable maintenance agreements with clients to guarantee recurring work
  • Diversify your business by offering services in addition to irrigation such as landscape lighting, drainage solutions, holiday lighting, and mosquito spraying

Powerful Marketing Strategies and Lead Generation

The Pacific team of marketing experts vigorously works to advertise and gain new clients. We stay on top of trends in the industry and analyze, develop, and maintain all major marketing platforms and social media outlets. By increasing search engine optimization (SEO) on Google and your appearance on lead generating sites such as HomeAdvisor, Thumbtack, Angi, Facebook, Instagram, Yelp and Yellow Pages, we will help to ensure your franchise stays ahead of the competition. We also utilize avenues of traditional lead generation such as targeted direct mail and print advertising. In addition, we promote customer loyalty and referral programs which will increase your revenue. There is never just one way to effectively advertise - we will research the market and tailor our marketing strategies to best fit your service area. Our effective marketing strategies create lead generation and ultimately translate to increased recurring revenue for your business.

Pacific Lawn Sprinklers Reviews
  • Marketing team to advertise on ALL major platforms and social media outlets
  • Stay ahead of your completion though lead generation and search engine optimization
  • Exclusive customer loyalty programs

SAVE Money!

Let us handle all of the backend headaches! The “Pacific System” gives you the opportunity to spend your time making money and NOT wasting it!

Call Center

Say goodbye to being bogged down by paperwork and scheduling. And say hello to greater profitability. Let the call center handle scheduling, routing of trucks, customer calls and inquiries, and new client leads. This will allow you the time to be in the field servicing clients and SELLING!

Growing an existing irrigation company
  • No need to hire office staff.
  • Pacific maintains a 24 hour call center
  • Clients can also book appointments, make payments, and receive notifications over the phone, online, or by texting

Bookkeeping (optional)

Our bookkeeping department will process all invoices for service and installations. Payments will be processed and deposited directly into your business bank account to help maintain a positive cash flow. Expenses will be processed and coded to the proper GL accounts and reconciled monthly.

  • No need to hire an internal bookkeeper
  • Profit and loss statements and balance sheets available for your accountant
  • User friendly proprietary accounting software


Our Sales Team will help you to develop and promote the most competitive and cost effective design proposals in the industry. From the very first call, clients will receive a professional and well-orchestrated process to ensure each service and installation is performed flawlessly.

  • Branded sales brochures for customers
  • Branded jobsite signs, clock stickers, shut off valve tags
  • Automated follow up for all sales quotes
  • Exclusive programs such as “Price Match Guarantee”, “100% Customer Satisfaction” and Referral Rewards
  • Easy to use estimating templates on your field tablet

Reduced costs of ownership and operational costs

You can now operate your Business from your truck and your home- no need to rent commercial space or hire internal personnel. Your business can be operated solely by you, or a team that you can develop and oversee.

  • Customized CRM software to operate your business efficiently and effectively
  • No office rental space required
  • No internal staff needed
  • Pacific group buying power
  • Optimal GPS routing of all service trucks

Competitive Advantage of Systems & Services

The irrigation and landscape lighting industry is a highly fragmented sector serviced by “Mom & Pop” type companies offering mediocre/unreliable customer service. The Pacific Lawn Sprinklers Franchise System offers clients a professional, friendly and consistent experience each and every time. We are able to accomplish this through:

Licensed and insured sprinkler company with customer loyalty programs
  • Multiple unique selling propositions to clients though our exclusive “ON TIME or ON US GUARANTEE”. We are the only company in the industry offering a guarantee that each technician will make every appointment within the promised time window, or we pay them.
  • 100% CUSTOMER SATSIFACTION GUARANTEE, if we cannot fully satisfy the client we will refund the charge
  • Consistent and professional call center that handles all customer issues and monitors quality assurance, customer satisfaction and client warranties
  • Cutting edge technology that allows clients to schedule service requests online 24 hours a day eliminating the need for a Franchisee to staff office personnel, or purchase and maintain office computers, software, and telephony needs
  • Highly Visible Branded Service Vehicles and Sales Collateral
  • Unique CRM Mobile Software that allows a technician to deliver a consistent and accurate customer experience each and every time

Collective Knowledge

At Pacific, we know that knowledge is power. We believe that when a business owner chooses to partner their company with our Pacific brand, we BOTH benefit. We each will have the opportunity to cultivate our ideas and have access to a level of collaborative development that no single business could ever achieve on their own. Our business is constantly evolving, which means we want to learn from you too! Through collective knowledge and the sharing of ideas from our franchisees to our back end team, our brand only becomes stronger. You will have access to our support, strategies, resources, trainings, seminars, and much more to help you reach your goals. In fact, we have built a customized intranet for our franchisees. This portal is for our franchisees only, and gives access to over 300 hours of hand-selected, personally recorded video tutorials, pricing templates (to be used as a guide), quarterly newsletters, business articles, material purchasing guidelines, and sales tips. We want you to utilize our team and our “Pacific System” to guide you with all aspects of your franchise and build your business to a level that you never thought was possible on your own.

  • Over 250 years of collective irrigation and business knowledge
  • Cultivate ideas and work with our team to expand your business
  • Access to resources, trainings, and seminars
  • View 300+ hours of webinars and video tutorials to learn how to increase profitability

The Strength of Pacific Buying Power

Pacific Lawn Sprinklers has buying power through group programs and by strategically partnering with the leading manufacturers and distributors in the industry such as Hunter, TORO, Rain Bird, KRain, Irritrol, SiteOne Landscape Supply, Ewing Irrigation, Central Irrigation, and Horizon Irrigation. In this way, franchisees get the most competitive pricing on irrigation products, thus lowering your cost of goods and increasing your bottom line.

Pacific Lawn Sprinklers
  • Buying power through group programs
  • Competitive pricing which leads to lower overhead
  • Longest warranties in the industry

Increase Quality of Life

Being a business owner is not easy. It’s hard to find that desirable balance between work and family life. You need to make money to support your overhead, and at the same time, plan for the future and retirement. The “Pacific System” will give you the opportunity to focus on the daily operation and expansion of your business, without the overhead stresses and burdens. We will help improve your efficiency and profitability through our Pacific support structure, proven marketing programs, and recurring revenue. The Pacific Team has developed a fine tuned turnkey process that can be mastered by an enthusiastic and hardworking individual with a passion for the pride of ownership. Your financial security and your family’s future is important to us; let us show you the opportunities that await!

  • Finally find the healthy balance between work and family life
  • Focus on daily operation of your business to increase your sales
  • Increase financial security
  • Become profitable

Be a Part Of the Pacific Family

We are proud of the Pacific Family we have built over the past years. Our team consists of families just like yours – dedicated and hardworking individuals that want to create a good life for themselves and their families. Pacific Lawn Sprinklers franchisees have access to our knowledgeable team of professionals, marketing strategies, and invaluable resources that you frankly will not find anywhere else. We state this with confidence because our business started with just one truck. We know what it’s like to start from the ground up and what tools you need to succeed. Over the past years we have successfully cultivated the “Pacific System”, the Pacific brand, and the Pacific Team that is unlike any other in the industry. Our leadership team offers extensive training, support, and guidance for every franchisee at every step of the way. We got your back and you are not in this alone – let’s grow together!

  • Become part of the Pacific Family
  • Build relationships with our knowledgeable team of professionals
  • Become part of the leading name in irrigation!
  • Harness the synergy among the other franchisees
  • Develop working relationships and friendships
Irrigation franchise team

If you are a current business owner, we know you can relate to a lot, if not all of what we just stated. Let’s talk, we’ll buy the coffee!