Financing Options

BAD CREDIT– NO CREDIT – CURRENT DEBT? Talk to our team of experienced financial coordinators to see how we can develop a strategy to get you on the path to financial independence.

Pacific Lawn Sprinklers understands that funds for the initial franchise fee and the required startup costs are not always available for a new entrepreneur beginning in business. We will work closely with you to tailor a financing program that will get you on your way.

Knowing your Numbers

Franchise Investment

Initial Franchise fees will range between $7,500.00 - $35,000.00 depending upon franchise experience, geographic location and brand awareness. (Financing is available for the initial franchisee fee to qualified individuals). Do not let this cost intimidate you! Several of our franchisees have paid this off within the first 3 years!

Your initial franchise fee includes the following

  • Turnkey solution to open and operate your business
  • Proven system that outlines recommended branded service vehicle, tools, supplies, etc.
  • Nationally trademarked corporate logo and tag line
  • Initial Training
  • Continued training and support
  • Business 101
  • Discounted purchasing power
  • Low monthly payments with in house financing
  • Customized CRM Software for computers, tablets, and phones
  • Exclusive Franchisee Intranet with 300 hours of video training, resources, sales coaching, webinars, and Pacific gear
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • 250 years of collective irrigation experience

Call Center and Optional Bookkeeping Services (HUB)

Using economy’s scale, Pacific’s call center can provide the following at a reduced rate when compared to hiring your own office staff. Below are just some the services provided by the call center.

  • 24/7 Call enter managing all customer leads and inquiries
  • Over 45 customer service representatives
  • Manage customer relations
  • Dedicated Sales Department
  • National Toll free number
  • Local phone numbers
  • Dedicated franchisee support line
  • Proprietary scheduling for annual service agreements
  • Optimal GPS truck routing
  • Consumer website for all customer service requests
  • Live Chat
  • Online scheduling and secure payments
  • Customer Billing
  • Text and email confirmations
  • Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable
  • Automated backflow testing submissions
  • Accurate flat rate pricing and estimating templates
  • Financial statements including profit and loss and balance sheets
  • Credit card and bank reconciliations

The Brand Fund Contribution

The Brand Fund Contribution is s a cooperative fund that all franchisees support. This is a non-profit account and all marketing and advertising campaigns are paid through this fund. This contributes to the continued exposure and brand recognition of the Pacific Lawn Sprinklers name. You will not need to be an expert in marketing, your annual fee will include the following:

  • Advertising on lead generation platforms such as Google, Angi, Thumbtack, HomeAdvisor, Yelp, Yahoo, Facebook, Instagram, Houzz, and Amazon
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Referral Reward programs
  • Develop and manage the consumer website
  • Customized local landing pages for your specific service area
  • Branded materials such as sales brochures, uniforms, business cards, clock stickers, valve tags, and jobsite signs
  • Custom designs for display marketing across Google and search partners
  • Locally targeted Google AdWords Campaigns
  • Promotional ad creation for website and lead generation
  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Social media promotions
  • Manage and farm online reviews
  • Aid specific charity causes
  • Direct mailings
  • Blogs and news articles
  • Promotional email campaigns

Royalty Fee

Similar to most franchises, the royalty fee is the only way the Franchisor makes money. A nominal percentage fee is charged against gross revenue to support the creation, operation and future health of the entire franchise system. Your success is our success- we only profit when you do.

  • 10% fee of gross monthly sales- must meet minimum requirements (this is the only operating payment made to the Franchisor)