For an existing business owner in the industry, do I need to work in the field to make my business work?

The answer to this question depends on your current structure, customer counts, and current employees. Current Pacific Lawn Franchisees consist of both owner operated and absentee owner businesses. It is recommended that a franchise owner should be involved in the day to day operations of running the franchise.

For an existing business owner in the industry, how much will it cost me to convert to a Pacific Lawn Sprinklers franchise?

The answer to this question varies and will take some careful analysis of your existing business and your customer base. We want to make sure that your current business structure is compatible with the Pacific brand.

For an existing business owner in the industry, will I need to rebrand my existing company?

Yes- all trucks, marketing material, and uniforms will support the Pacific brand. This will automatically give you credibility and reliability. It is a proven fact that there is strength in numbers and having a recognized brand gives new customers the comfort of knowing they will receive quality and consistent service experiences each and every time.

How will becoming a PLS franchisee help my existing lawn sprinkler business?

The Pacific Team consists of over 45 trained professionals to handle the 'backend' work, while you focus on day-to-day sales and service. The nights of making phone calls, scheduling, and bookkeeping are over - regain your life while maximizing your growth. You will be relieved knowing that a professional team of marketing experts are constantly working for you to promote your business.

For an existing business owner in the industry, how long will it take to open up as a Pacific Lawn Sprinkler Franchise?

The time to open up does depend on your current business structure. If you have trucks, materials, etc. - it can be a pretty quick process. Keep in mind you will still need to complete Pacific’s training and onboarding process.

Will you help me acquire my truck and equipment?

Yes, we will help guide you in the right direction! Based on the type of franchise you are operating, we will recommend the truck and equipment you need.

What type of truck and equipment will I need?

Based upon the type of franchise you will be operating, a standard service van is required. An additional van, box truck, or trailer may be required for larger franchises. Installation franchises will require pipe laying equipment that is outlined in the operation manual.

Can I add more service trucks to my area over time?

As customer requests and clients increase in your existing area, it will be possible that an additional franchise/service vehicle will be required. You may decide that only one service vehicle is your desire, and do not wish to own and manage additional vehicles and employees. This is completely your decision and can be discussed with the franchisor and your accountant in detail at that time.

In regards to insurance, do I add my business insurance to my existing car insurance I already have or do I have to get new insurance?

Once you from your new business, your will have to obtain a new business insurance policy, which would be completely separate from your personal insurance.

Where do I get my material and supplies and how do I go about ordering them?

One of the biggest benefits of owning a Pacific Franchise is buying power and group discounts! We will help you set up accounts with approved vendors and you will be entitled to our negotiated terms and reduced purchasing prices! This includes the big names in the industry such as Hunter, TORO, Rain Bird, KRain, Irritrol, SiteOne Landscape Supply, Ewing Irrigation, Central Irrigation, and Horizon Irrigation.

Will Pacific provide me hands on training?

Absolutely! Your initial training will be up to 5 days, which incorporates both classroom style and field exercises. In a classroom setting, we will dive into EVERYTING PACIFIC! This includes an introduction to the Pacific Lawn Sprinklers Brand, operational procedures, Pacific office and bookkeeping procedures, the multiple avenues of franchisee support, advertising, and an introduction to using a tablet in the field. During our filed training, franchisees will really have an opportunity to “dive in”. Through group exercises and hands on activities, franchisees will thoroughly learn about irrigation, landscape lighting, drainage and holiday lighting. However, we do not stop there! We will also coach and help you through ride-alongs. Meaning, a field supervisor will be with you daily to help guide and support you while you embark on your first days in the field!

What is the Annual Franchisee Training?

Our annual meeting is a one day event that takes place every March, which all franchisees are required to attend. We review new promotions for the season, new services, updates to our systems, new products, sales tips, tips to increase profitability, and much more. We find that these meetings are extremely helpful in team building, obtaining and sharing group knowledge, and preparing for the upcoming spring season each year.

Where are you currently offering franchise opportunities?

We are happy to say we are expanding throughout the northeast, south east, and central states! We are currently awarding franchises in the following states: Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Ohio, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida.

Where is my work area?

The area you service will depend on where you live now and if you are willing to relocate to a new emerging area. Before entering any new service area, the Pacific Team vigorously researches the current marketplace and demographics to create a strategic marketing plan to optimize your growth.

Am I allowed to work anywhere I want and for whomever I want?

As an independent business owner you are allowed to work in any area you wish, and for anyone you want. Though all customer service requests must be routed through the call center to ensure Pacific’s legendary “On Time or On Us Guarantee” and our “100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee”. Quality assurance and unsurpassed customer satisfaction is our main focus. Our recommendation will be to work in a consolidated area that will help to increase your profitability. Most service providers would rather have billable time than drive time.

Can you be successful without having a ton of background in business?

This is an easy questions - YES! By joining Pacific, you are becoming part of a proven business model. As long as you follow the steps we lay out for you, we are confident you will grow a successful business! Many of our current franchisees started off with minimal business experience. Part of the continued support we offer is that we are here to help guide you in the right direction, based on over 250 years of collective experience.

How long does it take to open the business once I am approved?

The average time frame is 3 months once a franchise is awarded to a new franchisee.

I already do the advertising for my current business, what do you do that is so special?

Pacific has a dedicated advertising department that works full time on advertising across all major platforms. To learn about our marketing department in detail, visit our advertising section.

Is there any guarantee that I will have customers looking for the Pacific services?

While of course some new service areas grow faster than others and there is no exact prediction of growth. Prior to offering a franchise in a new location, our franchise team really does their homework. We start by researching a combination of demographics which include the average household income, population, average cost of homes in the area, amount of single family homes in the area, and other indicators provided from our multiple marketing platforms. In addition, we believe growth will depend on the franchisee as well! The more networking you do, connections you make, and referrals you get, the more your business will grow.

How long is the term of a franchise agreement?

The initial term is ten (10) years with two five (5) year optional renewals.

What happens at the end of my agreement?

The initial term of the franchise agreement is for 10 years. Prior to the end of that term, you will have to inform Pacific if you have a desire to continue your agreement for another 5 year term. If your franchise is in full compliance at that time, the renewal term will be executed at absolutely no charge. The majority of our franchisees have already resigned their continued agreements.

If you decide that you wish to cease working in your franchise, you can discuss the option of reselling it to a qualified candidate. Pacific’s intention is to make sure every franchisee is enthusiastic, focused, and holds a true passion for the brand and customer service. Having franchisees that are fully engaged is the ultimate goal, and Pacific will work with a departing franchisee in every way possible during this transition.

What is the rate of interest on the initial Franchise fee if I finance it?

We may to choose to finance the initial fee for a term of 5 years at a fixed interest rate of 2 to 5 points above the Prime Lending Rate based upon your credit worthiness.

Can I pay off the franchisee loan early?

Yes -there is never a prepayment penalty for paying your loan off before the full term.

Am I able to get my initial business investment back at some point?

Investing into your business is intended to yield you returns over extended periods of time. You may choose to take back your initial investment money, or reinvest it into expansion of your franchise.

How much will I be able to make if I become a Pacific Franchisee?

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) does not allow franchisors to imply, quote, or promise a potential franchisee any specific income amounts. What is allowed is located in the FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document). Item 19 outlines the average financial performances from existing franchisees in the system. Certain average numbers and classifications are detailed and should help give you a basis for your financial due diligence.

What is my expected gross sales for the first year?

By law, any legitimate franchise is not allowed to project a dollar amount of exactly what you will make. Your hard work and determination will determine that price. What we can offer you are the numbers that are outlined in Item 19 of our Financial Disclosure Document (FDD) which shows average gross numbers, costs of goods sold, direct labor, and gross profit margins of our exiting franchisees.

Revenue per franchisee as outlined in Item 19:

$682,448.33 Average 2018 Gross Sales of Combo Franchisees (performing both service and installations). 33% of Combo Franchisees were above this average.
$340,602.84 Average 2018 Gross Sales of Service Franchisees (performing service only). 47% of Franchisees were above this average.

1 Statistics are averages of all franchisees in the system as of January 2019 who worked for at least 8 consecutive calendar months in the 2018 Calendar Year.

When the economy takes a hit and struggles, how does it affect Pacific Lawn Sprinklers?

While there is no way to predict this, through our 39 years in business, we have founf that most people will still maintain their irrigation systems in order to protect their landscaping investments. Keep in mind that through economic downturns, you still have the potential to upsell many products and services to customers and build relationships- don’t place limits on yourself!

What fees do I need to pay based on the work I perform?

As with most franchises, a nominal royalty fee is required to be paid to the franchisor on all monthly sales. Currently, the royalty fee is 10% of revenue. Call center and advertising fees vary, and are billed based upon the type of franchise you will be operating. Optional bookkeeping services are available for an additional fee if needed.

What type of insurance do I need?

Our FDD outlines the specific insurance coverages required. Our onboarding team will help guide you in the right direction utilizing insurance partners we have found offering the lowest rates in the industry. Below are a list of some of the insurances:

  • Commercial general liability
  • General casualty
  • Workers comp
  • Commercial auto liability

Am I able to contact a franchisee and talk to them?

Of course! In fact, we encourage you to do so. We want you to hear directly from fellow franchisees as to why they decided to purchase a Pacific Lawn Sprinklers Franchise, how their franchise has helped them grow in business, and all the other benefits of being a Pacific franchisee!

The initial franchise fees range between $7,500 and $35,000 depending upon the type of franchise and geographic location

Will Pacific Provide Financing?

Pacific Lawn Sprinklers Franchise can provide in house financing for qualified individuals for the initial franchise fee. Pacific’s third party lenders will work with you to develop a financing plan for your startup costs. Pacific’s close relationships with suppliers and equipment providers will entitle you to distributor discounts, extended payment options, and a whole lot more. Let us show you how we can work with you and get your business off the ground!