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Pacific Lawn Sprinklers Franchise offers a unique opportunity for you to BE YOUR OWN BOSS and work for yourself! Have you grown tired of making money for other businesses through YOUR hard work? Pacific Lawn Sprinklers offers the ideal business opportunity for you to own your own irrigation franchise, work for yourself, and BE YOUR OWN BOSS. Stop working hard to benefit others, and instead work to increase YOUR income and YOUR quality of life.

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You will gain instant credibility and reliability by becoming a part of the largest irrigation franchise in the irrigation industry. How you ask? The Pacific Lawn Sprinklers Franchise has a PROVEN SYSTEM, with over 40 years in the irrigation industry. When you become an independent Pacific Franchisee, you are part of OUR TEAM. This means you instantly attain our credibility, while being backed by an unmatched team of professionals with over 250 years of collective experience. We know it’s hard to juggle your schedule, customer calls, marketing, and bookkeeping, all while trying to work in the field. We will handle the backend headaches and the “Pacific System” will allow you to perform the part of the job you like best- meeting clients, developing relationships, and providing solutions.

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Starting a business on your own can be a very scary and unsettling process that is historically destined to be a failure. According to, only about half of small businesses pass the five year mark. Most companies start out each year looking for new business because they do not have a recurring revenue stream from past clients. With a Pacific Lawn Sprinklers Franchise, you will be offering annual services that must be performed every year due to seasonal changes.

The Pacific Lawn Sprinklers Franchise offers several different irrigation franchise models to fit your individual business goals and aspirations.

1. "Service" Franchise

Operated individually or with employees. Customer service requests for all of the PLS services are performed by a service franchise. Multiple service franchisees are available.

2. "Combo" Franchise

Must be operated with employees because it will handle both customer service requests and new installation requests.

3. "Conversion" Franchise

For an existing company in a related field that will perform customer service requests for new clients and the company's existing clients.